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The Incredible SCORELAND Pair: Sofia Damon & Kim Velez


Colombian superstars of breasts and booties Kim Velez and Sofia Damon spend the day together to enjoy the sun, the pool and their time together wearing their American flag thong bikinis. Kim and Sofia are the incredible pair.

“What a lovely day,” bouncy Kim says. “Hello, friend, how are you? I was waiting for you.”

“Hello, my friend,” Sofia replies. “I came to spend an afternoon in the pool.”

Kim hands Sofia a glass. “I have a glass of wine for you. The wine that you like so much.”

Sofia toasts her friend and us. “Cheers, friend, for us being together and because it’s a wonderful day.”

It’s a sizzler of a day and it’s going to get hotter. The girls step into the pool and bust out in a spontaneous round of jumping and bouncing. The bikinis come off quickly. They basically fall off their luscious, voluptuous bodies. Kim sucks on Sofia’s tits, a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

The girls use their time in the pool to put on a practical demonstration of the laws of floating breasts and buoyancy. Archimedes would have approved and applauded. When they leave the pool, it’s on to more fun and games for our two amigas, including with big toys, which they stick in deep.