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Jessy Bunny Giant Fake Saggers With Fat Ass Covered In Cellulite And Bimbo Lips


Mr. Marie’s Review:
As you all know…my favorite whores to fuck have giant tits. I love fucking my whore wife Claudia Marie. I love fucking that Asian whore Minka. And I love fucking fat Kayla Kleevage. Now this Jessy Bunny is a European whore that I’d like to rough fuck. Those giant saggy veiny udders and that fat ass completely covered in cellulite make my fat silicone injected cock rock hard!

Jessy Bunny happily shows off her gigantic, super-mega-sized tits and gives us the narrated guided tour, oils them and gets busy with a big dick-shaped toy. Jessy is in a giggly mood. Newspapers around the world have written articles about her and she’s all over the internet. She now lives in Mallorca, Spain after living in Austria.

SCORELAND: So Jessy, have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Jessy Bunny: Multiple times, in the gym and on the street. In winter, I prefer wearing a fur coat and bra. So I wear this very comfy fur coat and just my bra under it. Once I was in a restaurant with a guy. I took off my fur coat and BOOM! I was sitting bare-boobed in the restaurant and everyone could see my boobs.

SCORELAND: When did you start dressing to show off your body?

Jessy Bunny: After I discovered bimbofication and I wanted to show off my assets. I used to put socks in my tops to make them appear bigger and put on a super push-up bra. After that day, my mother forbade me to wear clothes that show off my boobs. But this made my wish of becoming a bimbo even bigger.

Actors: Jessy Bunny