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Fake Titted Huge Fake Lips Anastasia Doll Fucked


Our tale of titillating Tits & Tugs starts at the sexy feet of Anastasia Doll and pans over her stunning body. Anastasia wants to play. She’s wearing a tight, short one-piece dress that’s perfect for her shapely figure. Tom Holland is sitting next to her and wants to finish his book. Anastasia is the patient type. Another woman would hit Tom with the sex toy on the table between them.

Tom finally returns from his trip to oblivion and gets into a hot clinch with Miss Doll. She slips off her dress and teddy, ready for his cock to meet her big tits. He fucks the French Doll’s boobs for a long, long time in different positions while she eye-bangs him.

It was a little over a year ago that Anastasia did her first on-camera Tits & Tugs.

While he’s fixated on her breasts, Anastasia rubs her pink toy over her clit and cums loudly. When Tom blasts a load of spunk over her tits, Anastasia eagerly watches it spurt out, pleased that she inspired so much spunk. She licks up some of the goo then shakes and slaps her sticky tits.