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Chubby Hot Ass Holly Wood Shows Us Her Soft Perfect Plumper Body


One of the women that Mr. Marie has on his “to do” list.
So fucking hot!

It’s a bikini kinda day for Holly Wood. But what to wear on South Beach and wow the locals and tourists? Holly tries on a few choice swimsuits to get us boob-drunk before the blonde bombshell shows off her birthday suit.

“My boobs are pretty much double the size they were before,” Holly said. “There are two ways to talk about boob sizes. You could talk about actual bra size, which I was like a 36 or maybe a 38DDD, and now I’m a 38H. Or I like to just say ‘M for massive.’ That’s all that matters, right? The other way to speak of it is how many CCs they actually have on the inside. I started with 650/700 and now I have 1,250, so, literally they are almost double in size.”

Now living in Las Vegas with her cat, Holly has great memories of her life in Portland but is excited about her future and new city. This town was built for stacked girls like Holly.

“People have to see my boobs for themselves to understand. I cannot hide these tits no matter what I put on, and the wardrobe change I’ve had to go through is crazy. But I love all of it. I get hit on all the time. Every. Single. Day. It just depends on how many places I go. I also drive a sports car, so I instantly draw attention everywhere I go.”